EasyCut - Wrapping Paper Cutter

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Do you like to offer presents but don't like the wrapping?

Always having trouble to cut straight the paper?

Having paper waste?

Don't worry anymore, Odeals24 has what you need to do your wrapping the easy way for Christmas,

 the EasyCut - Wrapping Paper Cutter!


The EasyCut - Wrapping Paper Cutter is especially designed to have the perfect cut, no more uneven cuts!

It will make your wrapping easy and fast, with a perfect line everytime.

No more hassle, no more scissors!


  • Suitable for any paper roll

  • Safer, easier and more precise than scissors

  • Durable

  • Embedded blade protection from cutting yourself

  • Size: 100mm*60

  • Color: green


How to use it?

  1. Slide the EasyCut - Wrapping Paper Cutter over your wrapping paper roll

  2. Pull the sheet to your desire length

  3. Slide the paper into the slot where the blade is embedded, push the Wrapping Paper Cutter forward and get a perfectly straight cut


The package includes:

1 x EasyCut - Wrapping Paper Cutter


No more reason to stress over wrapping!

Now you will have fun wrapping gifts the perfect way!

Order your EasyCut - Wrapping Paper Cutter now before it is too late!