WoodKit™ - Automatic Drill

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Do you love to work on wood but never find the good tools?! or always missing one?!

Now with WoodKit™ - Automatic Drill, you will never miss the center of the hole ever again!

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The WoodKit™ - Automatic Drill has a unique design and a perfect punch effect. It is easy to use and install, and changes bits fastly.

It has a precise positioning that will not move. You can now start your wood work with confidence with the high speed steel body design.



- Precise positioning: will not move

- Durable material

- Sawdust discharged from hole: Sawdust will be automatically discharged from the top of the holes on both sides without drill blocking

- Unique design: easy to use and install

- Multifunction: get accurately centered holes for hinges, handles, drawer slides, everything you want...

- Different sizes

- High speed steel body design


Buy one get one free!!! Self-Centering Hole Drill Bit(Hot selling 5000 items)



  • Please adjust according to the hardness of the wood.

  • If the wood is soft, choose a smaller size.

  • If the wood is hard, you can choose a larger size or corresponding opening tool.



Size: 5/64", 7/64", 9/64", 11/64", 13/64", 5mm, 1/4"

Drill Hole  Diameter    Suitable Self-tapping Screw Size

5/64"         2mm                2.2-2.8mm

7/64"         2.8mm             3-3.5mm

9/64"         3.5mm             4-4.5mm

11/64"       4.5mm             5-5.5mm

5mm         5mm                 5.5-6mm

13/64"      5.2mm              6-6.5mm

1/4"          6.35mm            7-7.5mm


The package includes:

1 x WoodKit™ - Automatic Drill (4 pieces)


1 x WoodKit™ - Automatic Drill (7 pieces)


Get ready to woodworking!

Choose the set you want and order your WoodKit™ - Automatic Drill today!