Wider Hips Trainer

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Obtain the curves and contour you always wanted with the Wider Hips Trainer!


The Wider Hips Trainer is extremely effective on burning fat and shaping your hips.

It works with EMS system massage (Smart Microelectronics Technique) that improves blood circulation and promote metabolism to stimulate the muscles.

It adopts the principle of multidirectional fitness massage, that fat must be used and burnt when muscles are shaken.


It can also help to reaffirm loose skin, reduce cellulite, enhance body building and relieve muscle soreness and stiffness as well.



- 6 modes options with remote control adjustement

- Hypoallergenic

- Portable

- Easy to use

- Modes up to intensity 10



- Can be used anywhere you want

- Fat burning

- Reduce cellulite

- Relieve muscle soreness

- Use it while reading, cooking, watching a movie...

- Creates firm and attractive hip curves

- Can be used underneath your clothes


Be firm, order it today!