Weighted Vest For Boxing & Bodybuilding | 30kg Tactical-Vest

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The perfect versatile training tool for adding weight during strength and endurance training is here!

From now on, simply put on this training vest before going for long walks or heading to the gym for a workout and you’ll see the results within days. You can easily sync the vest to your current fitness level by loading its pockets with sand or steel plates to add resistance and increase your calorie loss during workouts!

It comes with 32 pockets to easily increase or reduce the extra weight, the high density fabric of this durable vest ensures long durability. Designed with an extra wide shoulder strap and soft cotton lining for you to feel comfortable during your workout. Rest assured knowing that the highly flexible, compressed sponge liner protects you against shocks even during tough workouts.

Why you should get your Tactical-Vest now:
  • This vest has adjustable chest straps and a removable belt. It can be easily adapted to your personal comfort level and needs. It features detachable pockets, allowing for additional personalization.
  • This tactical vest is designed for maximum convenience. In addition to its 32 various pockets for loading extra weight by adding sand or steel sheets.
  • Lightweight: weighting only 600g but designed for heavy use. Unlike most tactical vests which are made with mesh, our tactical vest features completely solid material. This increases its overall durability and storage capacity.
  • Thanks to the adjustable nylon belts with Velcro closure, our weighted vest adapts to different body shapes, offering unlimited freedom of movement.
  • This weighted vest also has a pleasantly soft padding ensuring high comfort during training.


  • Material: Oxford and nylon fabric
  • Maximum loading: 30 kg (when loading all the pockets)
  • Length: 58cm / 23.6in
  • Width: 42cm / 16.5in
  • Weight (vest only): 1.32 lbs / 600g
  • Compact, light and comfortable to wear
  • One-size fits all
  • Fully adjustable
  • Non-slip shoulder straps with hook-and-loop adjusters


The package includes:

1x Weighted Vest For Boxing & Bodybuilding | 30kg Tactical-Vest

*Please note that the vest doesn't come with weights for logistic reasons

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Crossfit lovers, this is for you, a training vest that adapts to all body sizes!