Waterproof Music Player for Swimming

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If you are of those who can not live without music even under the shower, then,

Odeals24 has what you need!

The Waterproof Music Player for Swimming!


Swimming, diving or splashing, you will never want to be without your favourite music.

Either to boost you or to relax, you can choose any sound you want, anytime, anywhere underwater.

The Waterproof Music Player for Swimming is especially designed for listening to great quality sound music while swimming, for your cardio activity or just for fun, you get to choose the use!



- Convenient to carry and wear

- Built in rechargeable Li-Battery

- Compliant with international water resistance standards

- Customized to fit the exact shape of your ears

- It easily attaches and stays on

- Four ear cushions



- Up to 8 hours of use

- High durability

- Clarity and detail sound

- Take it everywhere


No more excuses not to swim some more!

Order your Waterproof music Player for Swimming now and go for an extra mile!