WarmMe™ - Pillow Scarf

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Are you of those who always have trouble to fall asleep when you travel?

Not knowing where to rest your head? Moving every time to find the perfect position?

We have what you need here, at oDeals24!

The WarmMe - Pillow Scarf, a new revolutionary travel pillow!


The WarmMe - Pillow Scarf is scientifically proven to hold your head and neck in a better ergonomic position than a traditional pillow.

The secret is the internal support system hidden in the support soft fleece and foam that is stretched to create a comforting hammock effect.




- Premium comfort and breathability

- Portable and easy to use

- Designed to fit any neck shape, jaw and shoulder

- Head and neck support

- Super soft fleece

- Available in 5 colors: black, gray, red, plaid, navy





The package includes:

1 x WarmMe - Pillow Scarf


Start sleeping comfortably when travelling!

Choose your color and order your WarmMe™ - Pillow Scarf today!