Vacuum Brush

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It's never been so easy to clean, with

Vacuum Brush


The Vacuum Brush is perfect to remove even the most hidden dust anywhere from keyboards, vents, blinds to cars.


Forget about moving objects to vacuum with Vacuum Brush is easy to access any corner or any place even the narrower ones.


Its unique design is made of 36 flexible long size, high quality plastic suction tubes, and a high quality hose that won't break easily or fall off when using it.

Diameter 30mm to 40mm (1,1/8 inches to 1,1/9 inches) Has an ergonomic grip, is compact and lightweight.

Lenght 31cm (12.2 inches)

Works with most of the vacuums except the new Dyson and Hoover.

Very easy to use, just connect it to the vacuum and start using it.

It is a combination of a duster and a vacuum in one product, that let you go everywhere to get rid of dust without causing any damage to the small objects of your home.


Cleaning with the Vacuum Brush will become your hobby from now on, especially as it saves you time and energy!

Have fun!


Order yours today!