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We all have a part of our body that makes us feel insecure. No matter what you hear from others, for you, your arms are fat and you hate them!

That's why we came with SlimyArm, these miraculous slimming sleeves are what you need. You can comfortably wear them all day long under your clothes and no one will notice them. Their big advantage is that by wearing them continuously, you'll lose a few inches in the arms.
SlimyArm will melt all the fat and superfluous water from your arms, in just a few weeks effortlessly so you will notice a significant reduction in your arm circumference.


SlimyArm will enhance the appearance of your arms, helping to tone and shape your flabby arms and will stimulate blood circulation in the arms during workouts or movement to burn more calories. It's also made of high quality stretch material.

Arm Shaper


  • Helps stimulate blood circulation in your arms during workout or movement to burn calories. SlimyArm will provide muscle support you need during exercise, recommended also by professionals
  • SlimyArm sleeves are engineered to provide superior support, comfort and relief without compromising your mobility. Fitted, breathable compression fabric maintains your joint stability regardless of activity and helps improve blood circulation.

  • Highly stretchy, gives you a better and comfortable fit for all arm sizes.
  • Suitable for many occasions, can be used while watching TV, learning, sleeping, resting, etc. Opt for the comfort and high technicality of these slimming sleeves. They offer a very good compression for a better nutrient supply and minimizes muscle vibrations to improve your performance.


  • Main material: Acrylic
  • Product weight: 30 g
  • Size: one size (arm circumference: 20-30 cm)
  • Color: Black / Beige


The package contains:
1x  pair of Upper Arm Shaper | SlimyArm

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Get the definitive solution to quickly lose weight in your arms and tone them in no time! Order yours NOW!