ToeCorrector™ - Comfy Bunion Correcting Sandals

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Finally! a designed sandal that corrects the toe bone position and relieves bunion pain! It's ToeCorrector™ - Comfy Bunion Correcting Sandals! Available at oDeals24!


oDeals24 brought you the brand new ToeCorrector™ foot alignment sandals that dynamically correct the position of the big toe and the hallux valgus of the feet.

ToeCorrector™ is a must-have for everybody that suffers from bunions. These sandals correct your toe bones and also keeps you feeling comfortable at the same time. You wouldn't want to take them off ever again!


ToeCorrector™ is designed with an elastic band that covers the foot and applies a pressure on the toe to progressively align the bone to its natural position.


  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • It can be worn all day without causing any pain. You will feel more comfortable than ever.
  • ToeCorrector™ are made from non-allergic, breathable and comfortable materials.

  • Elegant design for different occasions.
  • ToeCorrector™ act on the big toe, via controlled pressure that promotes progressive alignment of hallux valgus deviation.
  • Soft yet strong fabric.
  • Easy cleaning: you can wash them easily by hand.

The package includes:

1x ToeCorrector™ - Comfy Bunion Correcting Sandals

Prepare your feet to be perfect for this summer and say goodbye to your bunions! Order your pair of ToeCorrector™ NOW!