Tartar Removing Brush - SmartVibrosonic

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You won't waste your time and money to get a Hollywood smile anymore! The solution is here!

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Stop wasting hours and money going to the dentist just to whiten your teeth! Now you can take care of your oral health at home!

Get the same painless results at home ! Here's the product that recently revolutionized teeth whitening concept in the United States. The new Tartar Removing Brush - SmartVibrosonic.

Unlike other whitening kits we see in commercials, whose results are temporary, our Tartar Removing Brush - SmartVibrosonic provides excellent cleaning and whitening for a longer time, Thanks to the special light and sound techniques.

oDeals24 is glad to introduce you the new Tartar Removing Brush - SmartVibrosonic who recently played an important role in the revolution of tartar removing concept worldwide. All professionals trust it all around the world!


The Tartar Removing Brush - SmartVibrosonic is excellent to remove, smoking stains, coffee stains, dental calculus and many other types of stains. Thanks to its powerful vibration system, you will rediscover a strong dental health.



  • Dental cleaning Ultrasonic with LED light technology
  • Optimal and durable results
  • Ultrasonic scaling that gently removes tartar, stains while protecting your tooth enamel
  • Complete cleaning (on the teeth surface and in between)
  • Stainless steel cap
  • Stainless steel tip
  • Plastic cover to keep the product in good condition
  • Easy to charge (take it with you anywhere)
  • It will help you achieve the results you will never get with a regular toothbrush 
  • Waterproof
  • 6 modes to choose from (depending on your gum sensitivity)


The package includes:

1x Tartar Removing Brush - SmartVibrosonic (Pink or Blue)

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With Tartar Removing Brush, getting your dream smile will no longer be a challenge! Order yours now!