Car Phone Holder - Strong fixation

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Drive safe with a Strong Car Phone Holder!

Your driving experience will never be the same!


The Car Phone Holder is perfectly designed to safely enhance your driving experience.


The one of a kind, revolutionary mechanism that allows you to easily place and remove your phone with one simple hand motion.

Find your perfect and comfortable place to have your Car Phone Holder, the windshield, dashboard even your desk for more variable move.

With its ultra powerful suction you will feel confident of its position with the locked grip switch.

The holder has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and has an adjustable arm to 270 degrees extendable at 5.3 inches.


This Strong Car Phone Holder is made of solid material and reusable sticky suction cup, could be changed until you find the perfect location with no worries of using the suction!


Also can be used to hold other items, such as cigarettes pack, juices, ideal when you travel with young kids!


Suitable for 3.5 to 7 inches devices!


Don't drive without it, order yours today!
You will be glad you did!