SteamMe - Professional Steam Hair Straightener

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Give your hair the smoothness it deserves with our new steam straightener: SteamMe ™! For silky, shiny and perfectly smooth hair, every day!


The technology of our new SteamMe ™ softens and smooths your hair while protecting it from heat damages, unlike traditional hair straighteners.

It’s a hair straightener that respects the nature of your hair, it gives you also an extended smoothing that allows you to perfectly style your hair. This steam system protects and covers all hair fibers without damaging them.

Thanks to its titanium plates, which are stronger than conventional plates, SteamMe ™ has high performance conductive properties to evenly distribute heat in your hair.



  • Temperature adjustment: 5 settings that meet the different needs of your hair (120-140-160-180-200 degrees).
  • SteamMe ™ heats up quickly: in just 30 seconds.
  • 3 position settings: up, down and Off! it's up to you to choose the right height depending on the texture and length of your hair.
  • Steam Control: 5 modes of steam to hydrate your hair.
  • Locking function of the plate.
  • Minimum temperature: 120 °C.
  • Maximum temperature: 200 °C.

The package includes:

  • 1x SteamMe™ - Professional Steam Hair Straightener
  • 1x Syringe to fill the water tank.
  • 1x Instructions manual.

Upgrade to a professional steam straightener and take care of your hair while getting optimal results! Order yours today!