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If you’re looking for a quick way to chop your vegetables that doesn’t require too much muscle power, don't look further you found the perfect helper in your kitchen!

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A little history about the origin of a Mandoline:

There are various stories about when and where the first mandoline slicer was invented. Many believe it first appeared in the late 18th century and was originally invented by Doctor Joseph-Ignace Guillotin.

The mandoline slicer was named after Doctor Guillotin’s ex-girlfriend, Mandy. These mandolines were best known for their use by Marie Antoinette, who placed one in each room for doll executions.

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If you’re a whizz in the kitchen that loves to cook for yourself, your friends, and your family then you probably know how annoying it is to have to individually chop all your vegetables in preparation for every meal you cook. Who doesn't love to cook easily and fast especially when you don't have that much time but still want to benefit from a healthy and fresh diet.The Slicing Mandolin / Multi - Function is the solution to your meals,

When using a knife, slicing vegetables thinly and evenly can be a challenge as well as time consuming. Slicing mandolin/ Multi - Function however, makes the process easier and quicker, offering uniformity and speed when slicing, as well as shredding and grating, any kind of fruits and vegetables.

Great for dicing and slicing. Slices come out a lot thinner than when chopped with a knife and are great for making snacks like homemade potato chips.

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- Stainless steel blades

- Easy to use and clean ( washing machine friendly)

- Easy storage

- Very safe to use

- Good grip

- Over 20 diferent shapes : 4 thickness (1.5mm, 3 mm, 4,5mm. y 6mm), 3 types of cuts and 2 blades

- The food holder securely holds food and protects fingers.

- Feet folds up and the Slicing Mandolin  locks for safe storage.

- Lightweight

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How to use  The Slicing Mandoline:

Warning: The blades on the Slicing Mandoline / Multi - Function  are extremely sharp, so always use the hand guard to hold the food while slicing.

  1. Place the mandoline on a secured cutting board.

    Make sure the cutting board won’t slide around on the counter so that you can keep control of the mandoline.

  2. Choose a slicing blade and adjust it to the thickness you want.

  3. If your vegetable is too bulky to fit on the hand guard cut it down to size.

    For example, you may need to cut a whole onion in half to slice it.

  4. Place the vegetable on the blade and place the hand guard firmly on the vegetable.

    Make sure you have a good grip on the hand guard.

  5. Use the guard to run the vegetable rapidly up and down over the slicing blade.

    The slices fall onto the cutting board and you are ready to cook!


It's never been that easy to cook like a real chef!

Order your Slicing Mandoline before is too late!