Skull Ice Maker

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It´s time to have some creative and fun ice for your parties, or just because you want it!
With the Skull Ice maker, it is possible!
These Skull Ice Maker shape are very realistic, slowly melts, cools longer and are fun to make.
The mold creates 4 large skull ice shape for a flavouring drink!
You will definitely want these at your parties, for your welcoming drink!
The mold is made with high grade silicone, it´s not toxic, leak free, dishwasher safe, oven and even microwave safe.
Not only can you have some ice funny and scary ice cubes, you can use the mold for almost anything. Chocolates, gelatines, soaps, candles all that you could imagine.
Use them for any occasion, any theme party, Halloween, house parties, beach and for any drink, Iced tea, soda, fruit juice, coffee...
Stop watering down your drink,
Start using the Skull Ice Maker,
Order yours!