FunBaking - Silicone Baking Mat

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If you are a "love to bake" person, then you will want what oDeals24 has in store for you!

The FunBaking - Silicone Baking Mat with mold sizes in it!


The FunBakingSilicone Baking Mat is perfect as a working mat and as a baking mat as it is high temperature heat resistant.

It is easy to measure the size you need for your mold and you can be confident, it won't slip while preparing your dough.

The best part is that the FunBakingSilicone Baking Mat is especially designed with a non-sticky material, so there is no need to add flour or grease to the mix.



- Reusable: food grade silicone resistant

- Sticks to countertop for easy dough handling

- Easy to measure your dough size

- Non-sticky surface

- Oven safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe

- Heat resistant up to 230 degrees

Keeps your countertop clean:  no more scrapping dough or fondant off 

- Easy to clean: just use warm soapy water

- Easy to store: it can be store rolled up or folded, using a minimal space in your cupboard or drawer

- Colours available: pink, blue

- Size: 50cm* 40cm


The package includes:

1 x 1 FunBaking - Silicone Baking Mat


Now that you know all the advantages you have with the FunBaking - Silicone Baking Mat,

You just need to pick up your color and

Order today to start with some fun baking!