Safety Gate For Babies

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Now you can be confident that your child won't go where he can't go,

with this Safety Gate for Babies!!


No more need to worry while you take a shower or do your chores.

Your baby will stay in the restricted area you choose, he will not fall from the stairs or explore poisonous or dangerous products!

It is also excellent to keep your pets downstairs or where you decide!



- Two sizes: 74 cm/110cm or 74cm/180cm, two colors: black or beige

- The barrier easily retracts so you can quickly pass through

- Completely assembled, no tools required

- Lightweight and portable

- Includes one mesh gate, 2 stretchable poles and 4 sticky hooks



- To be installed easily in seconds

- Safe to be safe

- Holds 100 pounds

- Just lift and walk

- No screws, no damage

- See through mesh

- Use it anywhere


Be safe, order your Safety Gate for Babies now!