RollMe™ - Rotating Makeup Organizer

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Do you want all your cosmetic products to be well organized and always available the way and the time you want them? You certainly need RollMe™!


This beautiful makeup organizer presented in a simple yet practical design is the essential tool that will allow you to easily organize your cosmetics and keep them at your fingertips, without having to store them all over and in every drawer. RollMe™ is the best makeup organizer for this.

You will be more organized and have every product you need closer! No more wasting your time looking for makeup! Place your RollMe™ on your vanity, in your bathroom and everywhere you want! you won’t be disappointed by how handy it can be!


  • You will always have your products in view in a time saver and more convenient way.
  • Easy to clean: all makeup organizers often don’t have much space to store all your cosmetics and they’re also so hard to clean. While RollMe™ can be easily cleaned even with water.
  • Save up to 75% space with its different compartments that you can adjust as you want and need.
  • Detachable: can be assembled or disassembled at any time.


The package includes:

1x RollMe™ - Rotating Makeup Organizer.

Save more space and time with the new RollMe™ Rotating Organizer! Your daily makeup routine has never been easier !Order yours now!