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Give your dogs the warm coat they need this winter with this Reversible Dog Coat - PetCoat!

When it comes to cold weather, we always wear or bring with us a warm coat to protect ourselves or our children. We feel cozy and warm in our fluffy coats. What about our four-legged friends? Give your dog the warmth they need thanks to this Reversible Dog Coat - PetCoat. Your loyal friend will be on trend with this double-sided and waterproof coat.

We could think as our dogs are furry, they won´t feel cold, but the truth is that in extreme cold weather, they will feel it. But don´t worry as we have the perfect product for your friend, the Reversible Dog Coat - PetCoat. Thanks to its high quality material,  well padded, your dog will be very warm and ready to go out and play in the snow.



  • Let your dog Fight the cold in style

  • Reversible and Waterproof

  • It keeps your dog warm: Its very resistant nylon fabric will protect it from cold, rain and wind

  • EASY to wear - Our coat is lined with matching super plush 100% cotton fleece

  • Durable nylon

  • Precise fit at chest and stomach level

  • Flexible shape

  • Machine washable up to 30 °C

  • Available in two double-sided colors

  • Warm protection for neck and belly

  • Leash hole

  • 3 Layers: wind break, fluffy pad and splashproof fabric


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The package includes:

1x Reversible Dog Coat - PetCoat

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 Keep your dog warm this winter with the Reversible Dog Coat - PetCoat!