RelaxU™ - Air Freshener for Car

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Now, it is time to turn your car into a relaxing spa atmosphere,

with the RelaxU™ - Air Freshener for Car!

Transform your hectic car trips into serene and calm ones, without any anxiety!

The soothing smell of your favourite oil essential combined with relaxing mist is the perfect recipe for relaxation!

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Now you will want to go in your car at anytime for long errands thanks to RelaxU - Air Freshener for Car.

You will feel calm and relaxed. It will lift your mood, relieve tension and anxiety instantly.

It works as both: air humidifier and aroma diffuser



- No more static electricity thanks to the humidifier

- Easy to use: just add water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, plug it in your cigarette lighter and turn it on

- Your skin will feel great: the humidifier gives the air just the right amount of moisture


Breathe in the relaxation time!

Choose your color and order yours today!