ProShine™ - Crystal Headlights Cleaner

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Tired of foggy, yellow and dingy headlights? Make them shine again with ProShine™ - Crystal Headlights Cleaner ! Available here, at oDeals24!


Our new ProShine™ - Crystal Headlights Cleaner is designed to renew your car's headlights and solve effectively and permanently all problems of yellowed, blurred and scratched headlights, for your car or even your motorcycle. ProShine™ will give a new look and incomparable shine to your headlights!

ProShine™ covers the headlights with a protective layer to prevent yellowing over time by improving the hardness of the lamps and reducing the effect of scratches on the surface of the headlights. The results of ProShine™ are guaranteed and its formula is 100% ecological.



  • You don't have to be a professional to use ProShine™ you will achieve optimal results without leaving your home.
  • Improve visibility and driving safety, especially during the night.
  • You can use ProShine™ to polish yellowed, oxidized, cracked, fuzzy and slightly scratched headlights.
  • Easy to carry that you can keep with you in your glove box.
  • Economical and efficient.
  • With ProShine™, you'll get the best results in a record time.

How to use:

  1. Stick tape around the lights
  2. Polish the headlights with a #2000 sandpaper.
  3. Wash and dry the headlights.
  4. Apply ProShine™ evenly on the headlights and wait until it becomes dry before removing the tape.

The package includes:

1x ProShine™ - Crystal Headlights Cleaner (50ml).

ProShine™ is a must especially for long drives and sad winter days! Order your ProShine™ - Crystal Headlights Cleaner today!