Premium Electric Led Light Shaver

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It’s never been so easy to shave with the Premium Electric Shaver with rotating head.


All in one, trimmer, shaver and edger, with its 200 movement per minute you will feel no friction an even shave a 3 days beard.
You can choose among 3 different heads blades depending on your needs, 1mm, 3mm or 5mm.

If you are in a hurry and have no time to shave with gel or mousse, don’t worry! The  Premium Electric Led Light Shaver is also designed to use it in dry,

Thanks to the skin protection technology.
No need to use water or soap.
The best part, no irritation!!


No need to stick in the mirror, with the integrated LED light and the contoured head pivoting to move along the curves of your face,

you won't miss a spot anymore, ever again,


Shave as you wish with ease!

You will have plenty of time as the charger lasts around one hour.
Enough time to look just like if you came out from the Barber Shop.



What you will obtain:

- Maximum precision shave

- Adapts perfectly to the curves of your face

- No irritation

- Perfect for a 3 days beard

- Perfect for a dry shave


The package includes:

- 1 Shaver machine + 3 different blades heads (1mm, 3mm, 5mm)+ 1 charger USB and a brush

- 1 rotating head

- Stainless steel blades

- 45 minute run time

- Rechargeable lithium-ion battery,4 hours

- 0.23W of power



Start using yours today! Don’t wait!