PerfectTool™ - Contour Perfect Duplicator

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Are you trying to duplicate perfectly contours of your woodworks or any other projects and you are looking for the perfect tool ?

Stop looking because we have what you need at oDeals24 !

Contour Gauge, Profile Copy & Molding Duplicator Tool 

The PerfectTool™ - Contour Perfect Duplicator is the excellent tool that allows you to copy the exact measurements, curves and shapes of your crafts with ease and without any hassle ! It is specially designed to measure irregular items' shapes in order to create a perfect duplicate. That's how you're going to get perfect cuts that you need from the first attempt !



  • Designed for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts and many other shaped objects.
  • Easy to use : you only have to press PerfectTool™ against the object to match its contour and then trace the shape you need.
  • It’s also made of high quality plastic.
  • PerfectTool™ is durable and sturdy.
  • It contains a magnet that keeps iron items steady during the cutting process.

 Contour Gauge, Profile Copy & Molding Duplicator Tool

The Package includes:

1x PerfectTool™ - Contour Perfect Duplicator.

From now on, you can duplicate the perfect edges and shapes of any surface! Enjoy your hobby thanks to PerfectTool™!

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