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Whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi, it’s very essential to have good equipments for your yoga session to go smoothly!

We believe that there’s no better feeling than taking control of your life and your mind. The same goes for yoga. Having autonomy in the way you practice can improve mental, physical and emotional benefits that you could get from practicing yoga. We believe that one of the best ways to achieve that is to invest in a yoga mat, the ultimate modern symbol of yoga!

ZenLife™ mat is what you need for your daily yoga routines, postures and more. It’s so light that you can easily take it to the Yoga studio. Indeed, its airy foam allows it to be one of the lightest mats in the market. On the other hand, this mat is recyclable! It’s manufactured from eco-friendly materials and that makes using it way better than using standard yoga mats very often made from PVC materials.

ZenLife™ allows you to revitalize your session and to better plan your exercises according to your daily needs. In short, once this mat will be laid, you’ll find yourself cut off from this world!


  • Hygiene: Although yoga studios clean and disinfect their mats after each session, it’s still a lot more hygienic to have your own yoga mat for your use only. Yoga is an exercise based on movement, so the skin and sweat will necessarily be in contact with the yoga mat (even more if you practice dynamic yoga or hot yoga). The fact of having your ZenLife™ mat will bring you the peace of mind you need to devote yourself fully to your yoga session, without worrying about germs or bacteria that might be on your studio mat.

  • High quality materials: This high density TPE exercise mat certified by SGS is made using eco-friendly materials and processes. Our yoga mat is not made with PVC, and doesn’t have any strong smell.

  • Ergonomic, light and easy to fold: These are the best aspects and advantages you’d need in any yoga mat. You can easily store your mat or put it in a suitcase, without it taking a lot of room. So if you’re a traveller, this is what you need for your external activities in quiet and peaceful places. If you want to exercise from home, ZenLife™ will be your best companion.

  • Non-slip coating: Prevents you from slipping on the mat or the mat from slipping on your floors. ZenLife™ allows you to always stay in balance, it provides better stability during balance posture. It also makes you feel comfortable when your body is fully on the ground.

  • Good quality stuffing in order to protect your body from any injury you could get during your exercise.


When and how to clean ZenLife™?

  • We advise to clean your mat after each workout. Just take a cloth and spray it with a little bit of essential oil chosen according to its purifying, disinfecting and fragrant properties.
  • In case of hard stains or simply for a deep cleaning once per 3 months, do not hesitate to wash your mat with some black soap.


The package includes:

1x Non Slip Yoga Mat | ZenLife™

1x storing bag


Enjoy great stability and Zen lifestyle whenever and wherever!