Pest Reject

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Finally a product that gets rid of insects and rodents!!

The Pest Reject is here to make intruders run away from your home!


The Pest Reject is made with an advanced ultrasound technology that interferes with the central nervous system of insects, like mosquitoes, ants, fleas, thicks, mice, rats...


It will emit ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, NOT audible to humans; insects get out of control and run away from these sounds. 

As long as you plug it in, you won't have any of these intruders around your house.


It is safe to use for babies, pregnant women and pets, since the product only targets rodents, flies, ants, mosquitoes, bees etc.

The product relies on a microprocessor to create a forcefield in your home.

It switches its frequency constantly so that insects can't get used to it and immunize easily.



How to use?

- Plug it in

- The red LED light needs to be on, so you know it is working



- Easy to use

- LED Light

- Noiseless



- Small item, easy to take with you everywhere

- No bugs or rodents

- 100% safe for your family and pets

- Eco-friendly

- No chemicals



No refills, no pesticides, no harm!

Order yours now!