Mosquito Vacuum

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Get rid of all mosquitoes with the Mosquito Vacuum!

They will be absorbed by it!


The Mosquito Vacuum is designed with a strong suction fan at 360 degrees and a LED light source that attracts mosquitoes. The mosquitoes get sucked into the trap in no time!


It is ecofriendly, it kills mosquitoes in a completely safe manner, safe for the family and pets, with no chemicals, non toxic material, and the best part, with non electrical noise, in a completely silent way. 


It is ideal for indoor use, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or indoor in a camping tent or all closed environments.


How to Use?

- Place the Mosquito Vacuum approximately 1.2 meters above the ground, it could be on a table or shelf

- It is recommended to stay away from it, as mosquitoes will be attracted by human body odor and temperature

- Try to keep the place where you use the Mosquito Vacuum, as dark as you can, only using the LED light

- For best results in your bedroom, turn it on at least 1 hour before going to sleep



- USB power

- LED light

- Easy to transport wherever you want



- 100% safe for family and pets

- Ecofriendly

- Live without mosquitoes


Mosquito free time, order yours now!