Mini wrapping sealer

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Mini wrapping sealer, perfect for plastic or paper foil bags.

Perfect for cookies, chips, crackers anything you need to keep it fresh!

You don’t have to worry anymore for food not eaten neither wasted.

With this mini wrapping sealer tool, worries free. Your food will stay fresh and ready to eat again next time, like a new bag!


It works perfectly and is very easy to use. Simple, easy and fast.

Place the mini wrapping sealer on the bag, press and slide it from one end to the other, done! your snack bag is ready for your next craving.

The great part is that it has as a lock for protection to avoid accidental activation. As it produces heat.

Needs 2 batteries AA ( not included)

Easy to store,either in your kitchen drawer or,

stick it to your fridge´s door to have it handy, thanks to its integrated magnet.

Its size is perfect for that.

You have to have it!