Micro Ear Magnet Smoke Free

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Quit smoking today with this ear micro magnet.


This product consists of 2 biomagnets place in an acupuncture  ear’s point which liberates endorphins to your brain that fills the sensation of smoking.

With this micro magnet you can continue your daily activities as it stays on place. You don’t have to worry about it. You could even continue to smoke as this is a progressive therapy it is not instantly. It is acupuncture!

Over time your anxiety and desire to smoke will start to disappear, you will even stop to think about a cigarette.

Then you will be cigarettes free.


The micro magnet is very simply to apply,

Just place the two biomagnets on a precise point of your ear, press a little and ready, leave it there.

The magnet is safe and natural, has no chemicals.


Quit smoking today, no more excuses!