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 With this new CleanPool manual pool cleaner, you will no longer need to hire an expert to clean the pool! Do It Yourself!

This Manual Pool Cleaner - CleanPool has a unique and highly efficient suction system to quickly clean your pool, no matter how big it is. We know how difficult it is to maintain a clean pool, especially when dealing with a very large size, green algae, leaves, insects and fine particles that cover the bottom of your pool! It is a long and exhausting task that is not fun at all.

That is why we decided to bring you this new pool cleaner, an innovative solution that makes cleaning your pool done in record time!
This manual pool cleaner includes a broom that helps lift debris off the ground. When connected to the pool vacuum, water, mud and debris will be sucked out.
Once the water has cleared, you can remove the pool cleaner and disassemble it. The mud and debris remain in the vacuum cleaner tank and you will get a very clean and sparkling pool thanks to CleanPool.


  • This Manual Pool Cleaner make all pools clean and pleasant to swim in.
  • Thanks to the included broom, you can intelligently and easily remove all dirt, leaves and insects from your pool. So you can always enjoy summer days!
  • Finding a pool cleaner can be a bit tricky, especially since there are so many different ones on the market that end up harming your pool water, which is why this Manual Pool Cleaner is the best solution.
  • Specially designed to suck under pressure when it gets to the bottom of the pool.

  • This pool cleaner has a double function: it sucks up impurities and brushes the bottom of the pool at once.
  • Clean your pool 10 times faster!
  • Easily and effortlessly clean the bottom of your pool.
  • Easy to install and use .
  • Easy to store.
  • A new practical and inexpensive way to get a clean pool effortlessly.
  • Equipped with a brush and a deflector.
  • Effectively vacuum all types of dirt.


The package contains:
1x Manual Pool Cleaner - CleanPool

Gain more time to have fun and enjoy your time instead of cleaning the pool all day long! Get your Manual Pool Cleaner now!