MagneticTouch - Therapy Neck Pad

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Having problems with your neck, feeling sore or tight, painful?

We found the solution.

The MagneticTouch -  Therapy Neck Pad will solve all your discomfort!


Thanks to its warming tourmaline, the MagneticTouch - Therapy Neck Pad is especially designed to relieve pain.



- Stimulates body's accupoints

- Creates heat with skin contact

- Easy to apply

- Comes in 2 sizes: M, L



- Increases blood flow

- Helps tissues to heal faster

- Relieves pain and neck fatigue


Suitable for:

- People who work on a long time steady position, such as drivers, office workers...

- Athletes

- Those with health problem related to neck strain

- Anyone that feels tension on the neck


How to Use?

- For better results wipe the tourmaline with a wet cloth

- Place it where needed

- Adjust it

- Use it for about 15 minutes per day!


Avoid neck pain!

Order your MagneticTouch -  Therapy Neck Pad today!