Magnetic Face Mask

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Relieve fatigue and renew your face with the Magnetic Face Mask!


The Magnetic face mask will stimulate and massage accupoints on your face, that will relieve fatigue and tension.

The 3D design promotes skin elasticity and firmness that will make your skin glow.


The function of the Magnetic Face Mask is to face lift, eliminate dull cells, fade dry lines and diminish dark circles.


  • Slimming face and beauty
  • Massage face
  • Relax your mind


Can be used in cold: keep it in the fridge; it will tighten your skin.

In the warmth: place the mask in hot water for some minutes and use it. It will eliminate bacteria and relax your face.


The magnets help with blood circulation; the tourmaline, as a power stone, keeps skin cells active; and the gel moisturizes your skin.


It has a hook and loop design, easy to adjust to any face type and shape.

Use it around 10 to 20 min, no more than 30 minutes for around 20 days.


Ready to relax your face and make it glow, order now!