LamboLight - Magnetic Desk Lamp

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Have you ever wondered how lamps worked to turn them on?

Two ways: either by pushing the switch or turning the switch!

Today, you can try a new way of turning on your lamp, and

oDeals24 has it!


With the LamboLight - Magnetic Desk Lamp, it is so easy to turn on the light: the Lamp uses magnets to produce light!

Easy to activate: you just need to pull off the down ball to the top near the second ball. The magnets inside each ball will keep them together and initiate the electric balance.

The LamboLightMagnetic Desk Lamp is a deeply  minimalist design with 1 frame, 2 wooden balls and 2 ropes that creates a warm light and quiet atmosphere.



- Convenient USB power supply port

- Modern design: perfect to use it anywhere, the office, the bedroom, the living room...

- Unique design

- High quality wood material

- 48 LED lamps

- Warm and pleasant light

- Available in 4 different colors 


The package includes:

1 x 1 LamboLight - Magnetic Desk Lamp


You will love the new way of lighting up your home!

Choose your color and order yours today!