MagicRemover - Extra Fast Gel Nail Polish Remover

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Do you enjoy doing your gel nails but don't like to have to remove them? oDeals24 has the solution! With MagicRemover you will do that in no time!


There is this wrong idea that gel ruins your nails while it's the gel removal that can ruin your nail! 

MagicRemover will allow you to get rid of the gel in no time, effortlessly with no harm done to your nails! Yes it's that easy, fast and effective! No more need to soak your hands in acetone, no more foils, no more scraping!

Just apply the MagicRemover, leave it for a few minutes,  and the trick is done. You will have clean and healthy looking nails!

The MagicRemover works by breaking down the gel polish surface instantly, which make its removal very simple. No more need to go to a professional. Do it yourself in the comfort of your home!




  • Easy to apply.
  • Fast, effective and effortlessly remover.
  • Moisturizes dry and brittle nails.
  • Do it yourself in the comfort of your home.
  • Take it everywhere you go.


How to use it?

Just apply it over your nails, wait a few minutes and peel off!

The package includes:

1x MagicRemover  Extra Fast Gel Nail Polish Remover


Now you can enjoy your gel nails and not worry about removing them! Order your MagicRemover today!