Knitting and Crochetting Lamp

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Tired of having to hide at night to continue reading?

The light bothers your husband / wife?

Don't worry you just found the solution!


With the Knitting and Crochetting Lamp, you can still reading without having to be in the dark!

The Knitting and Crochetting Lamp has 2 LED lights, perfect for your neck to be hands free and hold your book.



- Easy to bend

- High quality

- Very flexible

- Magnetic base

- LED light won't harm your eyes

- Adjustable brightness

- 2 AAA batteries (not included)



- Hands free

- Portable and lightweight: take it with you wherever you go.

- Perfect to read, craft and more

- Perfect to use at night for a walk


Don't be in the dark!

Order you Knitting and Crochetting Lamp now!