Knees and Elbows Whitening Oil

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Regain youthful, smooth skin without blemishes, 

with the Knees and Elbows Whitening Oil!


Now it is possible to brighten your skin with natural plant extracts, antioxidants that contains the Knee and Elbows Whitening Oil!

Use it in your knees, elbows, face, anywhere you have some spots!



- Deeply detoxes your skin for clear and smooth skin

- Hypoallergenic, non pore-clogging

- Especially designed for dark spots, age spots, acne spots, hyper pigmentation, freckles...



- Visibly removes dark spots

- Transforms dull discolored skin

- Boosts skin regeneration

- Evens and brightens skin



- Lavender extracts

- Citrus extracts

- Vitamin B3

- Multi-herbal essence and botanicals

- Glycerin


How to use?

Massage oil in a circular motion 1 to 2 times a day where needed


The package includes:

1 x Bottle of 30ml


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