KeepFresh Silicon Cover

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No more plastic wrapping to store your leftovers. Here comes the KeepFresh Silicon Cover!


It can be reusable and is environmental friendly. A good replacement to traditional plastic wraps.

With the KeepFresh silicone Cover, you won't have to look never again for your tuppers covers or plastic wrap disposable, your Keepfresh Silicone Cover will be handy to use it when needed.


The cover will stay tight and steady in the refrigerator, the microwave and even the freezer.

With its transparent design you will easily identified your leftovers.

Easy to shape it at your need as it is made from durable, stretchable and resistant silicone.


Simple to clean it,  just with soap and water.

Comes in 5 different sizes.


Ideal for travel, perfect to take your food for camping, outdoor hiking, a picnic in the park, everywhere you like.


Don't waste any more on plastic wraps, order yours now!!