Jogging Pocket Belt

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Are you looking for a small pouch to take your belongings with you while going for a walk?

Odeals24 has the perfect one for you!

The Jogger Pocket Belt!


We have to assume that we can hardly go out without our phone, keys or money even if it is for a short period of time. We need those things with us at all times!

With the Jogging Pocket Belt, you won't have to leave anything behind when going for a walk, to the gym, to the park...

The Jogging Pocket Belt is especially designed to store your phone, cards, money and even your keys with its own included key holder.

Your belongings will be hold stretchy!



- Premium quality soft material

- Safe and secure, close to body fit: it ensures your items safely

- Eliminates bounce during exercise

- Includes key holder



- Keep all your important items with you

- Easy to wear

- Lightweight, soft and smooth

- Comfortable fabric

- Machine washable and quick drying

- Durable


Keep all your belongings with you and go for a run!

Pick up your size and color and order yours now before they are gone!