Ice Scraper Cone

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Tired of spending time getting snow and ice off your car?

Have tried every scraper and nothing seems to work fast?

Do not waste time looking for it anymore,

oDeals24 has the perfect solution for you: the new Ice Scraper Cone!


The Ice Scraper Cone will solve your icy morning in no time. Either for ice or snow in your windshield, take it off fast and easy, using less energy than with a regular scrapper.

The Cone shape makes it easier to use, it lets you cover more surface area.

For better results, it is recommended to use it in circular motion.



- Fast and easy

- Easy to grip

- Takes less energy to use

- Can be used as a funnel

- Removable ice breaker

- Soft plastic material

- Random color delivery


The package includes:

1 x Ice Scraper Cone


Let it snow now!

Scrap away and drive away!

Order your Ice Scraper Cone today!