GlueGum Moldable Glue

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It has never been so easy to fix your things with the Gluegum Moldable Glue!


You can now fix everything you want with the Gluegum Moldable Glue, from phone cables, shoes to luggage.


Made of 30% silicone and 20-50% talc, this Gluegum Moldable Glue bonds to almost anything and turns into a durable silicone rubber in 24 hours.

The Gluegum Moldable Glue is waterproof, heat and cold resistant (from -50 degrees C to 180 degrees C), shock resistant and electrically insulated (up to 24 volts).


  • Suitable for glass, ceramic, wood, metal, most plastics and more.
  • Holds up to 2 kg.
  • Great to create your own kitchen or bathroom hooks.


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