EcoObd2™ - Fuel Chip

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Did you know that your car is especially designed to consume more fuel?!

Would you love to have something to lower the consumption and make your fuel last longer?!

Now it is possible, oDeals24 has the solution to that: the EcoObd2™ - Fuel Chip!


The EcoObd2™ - Fuel Chip is an optimum revolutionary device that, once inserted in your Obd2 connector, will reduce your fuel consumption.

The system will record your driving habits and make a new map to increase the performance of your car. It then will start to low your fuel consumption for up to 15%.

The Fuel Chip will integrate in the car computer and start to make a diagnostic.

It will optimize your fuel consumption without loosing any power.




- EcoObd2 will lower your fuel consumption for up to 15%

- Easy to connect

- Will adjust itself

- Compatible with all the vehicles from 1996 and up

- Available for diesel and petrol cars

- The EcoObd2™ - FuelChip will record your driving habits after 200 kms


How to install?

1- Pull the car key out from the ignition

2- Find the Obd2 connector in your car and plug in the Fuel Chip

3- Insert the key into the ignition and twist the key (do not start the car)

4- Press the reset buttom for about 5 seconds

5- Start up the engine

6- The EcoObd2™ - Fuel Chip will recognize your vehicle and your driving habits and will adjust itself to match your car for more fuel saving.


Important note:

Make sure to pick up the corresponding device for your car when taking your order (diesel or petrol).


The package includes:

1 x EcoObd2™ - Fuel Chip


Stop loosing money while you can save it!

Order your EcoObd2™ - Fuel Chip today!