FoldMe™ - Portable Baby Bed

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Now you can take your baby's bed with you anytime and anywhere! With FoldMe™, your challenge with your baby's sleep is over! Available at oDeals24!


FoldMe™ - Portable Baby Bed is the perfect complement to your baby's daily sleeping routine. You can take this bed with you anywhere, so you can guarantee that your child will be 100% safe no matter your location.

FoldMe™ is adjustable to fit infants of all sizes and can save your child's life. That's because the shape of this portable baby bed imitates the infant's embryo period and has an anti-rollover shaping pillow.  


  • Safe and comfortable for all infants from 0 to 12 months.
  • Lightweight so that you can take it with you anytime and everywhere without any folding hassle.
  • Easy to assemble to save you time and effort while putting your baby down to sleep.
  • Easy to wash
  • Breathable materials.
  • Reduces the risk of flat head syndrome.
  • Imitates the shape of a pregnant woman's uterus
  • Reduces the risk factors associates with SIDS


The package includes:

1x FoldMe™ - Portable Baby Bed.

Be ready for your next travel and take your FoldMe™ - Portable Baby Bed everywhere with you! Order yours now!