Fluffy-Cozy Cat Bed

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This unique playful novelty for your pet bed is ideal for the cat lover with a sense of humour and imagination.

There is nothing like coming home to find your beloved kitty sleeping in a banana peel, the Fluffly - Cozy Cat Bed.

As we know, every cat loves to choose a spot to sleep that is not actually design for it, like a shoe box, a large vase, a cupboard and so on...

The Fluffy - Cozy cat bed features a peelable banana that allows your cat  to sneak in and out while still having the privacy he requires!

It works great for both, cats and dogs  is made of super soft plush fabric with 0.75 inch of thick sponge padding between the fabric and makes extra cozy and warm spot for your cat on a cold winter day.


Comfortable and cozy: it is designed with a soft plush and elastic sponge making it the perfect comfortable, an cozy hideaway that your kitties crave for. 

Sense of security: the plush interior provides warmth, comfort, support 

Versatile; also good for small dogs, rabbits

Conversation starter: Your guests are sure to notice the Fluffy - Cozy cat bed when they come around. 

Size: perfect size for big cats and small dogs ( under 5kg or 11 lbs) 26.8" x 10" x 7"


The Package includes:

1 X Fluffly - Cozy Cat Bed


Don't wait to make your cat bananas about his new Fluffy - Cozy bed!

Order his today!