Flint Fire Starter

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Are you always looking for matches and can't find them?

As well as for your lighter?

Don't look for them anymore!

The Flint Fire Starter is here to the rescue at Odeals24!

With the Flint Fire Starter you can light fire anytime, anywhere, in any condition!


The Flint Fire Starter is especially designed for moist weather and low temperature.

You don't need to worry about lighting on your BBQ or your cigarette in cold weather, you will always be able to.

Have your Flint Fire Starter handy near you everytime, anytime as your key holder and don't bother looking for a lighter anymore!



- Stainless steel

- Reusable again and again

- High quality material

- Great for emergencies

- Easy to use

- Lightweight and portable


How to use it?

- Unscrew rod stritcher and take it out

- Strike against black strip on side

- Strike flint until it sparks

- Add gas on the lighter up to 2/3


The package includes:

1* Flint Fire Starter

No fuel



You won't want to be without a lighter!

Order your Flint Fire Starter now!