Flies and Mosquitoes Trap

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No more flies, no more mosquitoes,

with the Flies and Mosquitoes Trap!


Get rid of mosquitoes and flies with this especially designed trap to catch them simply and easy!

The Flies and Mosquitoes Trap is made of high quality gauze mesh material, environmentally friendly, durable and reusable.


Easy to use:

  • Convenient and simple, just hang it 1 meter from the ground.
  • In spring and autumn, place it in the sun.
  • In summer, place it in the shadow.


To attract flies and mosquitoes, put baits in the bowl like fish intestines or rotten fruit. The flies and mosquitoes will get stock and die instantly.


Can be used in family farms, restaurants, gardens, garbage rooms and many other places.


No more Flies nor Mosquitoes!

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