Fixit Socks

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No more need to suffer or hide your feet, with the Fixit Socks,

you will be pain free!


The Fixit Socks are easy and comfortable to wear, you won't even feel it under your shoes!

Made with durable soft elastic cloth and medical cushion gel.

The Fixit Socks will help you with the pressure, discomfort or inflamation of your feet caused by bunions!



- Protect your bunion area with medical cushion gel

- Especially designed to protect that area while you walk

- The gel pad acts as a buffer to protect the sensitive area

- High quality material

- Can be worn under your shoes, socks

- Can be worn all day long

- Soft elastic material



- Relieve pain

- Prevent pain

- Gently align your toes

- No more swelling



  • Small: 8cm lenght, 8cm wide
  • Large: 8cm lenght, 10cm wide



Don't wait!

Get rid of your bunion and pain!

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