Eyebrow Extension Fibre Gel

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Now, it is possible to have fuller, natural eyebrows without going to a Tattoo salon!

You can do it at home by yourself!


With the Eyebrow Extension Fibre Gel, you will be able to design the perfect eyebrow!

The one you have always wanted!

The Eyebrow Extension Fibre Gel is especially designed with a waterproof glue on that contains hair like fibers that let you fill, define and lenghten your brows at your ease.

You can easily create the shape, and thickness that you want.



- Waterproof, sweat and flake proof

- Hair like fibres that look natural

- Long-lasting and transparent glue



- Natural look with the perfect color tone

- Easy to glue on

- Easy to tear off fibres


How to use?

- Wipe eyebrows with a clean cloth to start

- Place appropriate amount of the product

- Apply it where needed

- Use your brush and hand to tidy up

- Ready!

Remember to always start with a small amount of product, you can always add more if needed!


Ready to design your perfect eyebrow?

Order your Eyebrow Extension Fibre Gel today!