Electric Nail Trimmer for Pets

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Worried about causing pain to your pet trimming his nails? Or trimming to much nail?

Not anymore! With the Electric Nail Trimmer for Pets!


No pain, no suffering, no worries!

It is especially design for that!


Safest way to trim your pet’s nails without being worried of cutting to much with

The Electric Nail Trimmer.


This is the new revolutionary easiest way to nail trimming, With it’s Ergonomic lightweight design, shaped to fit your hand.


The mute security system is perfect for your pets ears as they won’t listen any scary noise.

It will only gently remove thin layers of nail with a soft sound.

Your pet won’t stressed out anymore!


The high quality of this Electric Trimmer makes it durable thanks to the diamond grinding wheel.


Suitable for all pets nail sizes, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters...

Comes with 3 different sized nail ports

On/off switch easy to use

2AA batteries (not included)


Be ready to nail trim!


Have yours now!