Fly Trap Catcher

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Get rid of annoying flies from your kitchen, your cooking, your patio, from everywhere you want!

With the Electric Fly Trap you can do that in no time!


The Electric Fly Trap is safe, convenient and very efficient to get rid of flies from your house, your office, anywhere you need it.

With the latest technology, this Electric Fly Trap provides maximum efficiency with zero noise while in use. It won't disturb your activities or your family.


How to use it?

  • Fill the 5 grooves with bait, (recommended to use sugar or cheese)
  • Plug in and turn the switch ON
  • The system goes slowly not to scare the flies
  • Once the flies are attracted to the bait, it will turn the flies to the trap with its rotating movement.


Avoid using hard objects as a bait, as it could damage the trap!


You can add some soapy water to the box for the flies to die.



USB cable

- Electric

- Easy to clean



- No flies

- No noise

- Eco-friendly

- Non toxic for babies, pets or pregnancy

- No chemicals 


Go without flies, order your Electric Fly Trap today!!