EasyMount Toothbrush Holder

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Organize your bathroom with the EasyMount Toothbrush Holder!

Great for the shower or for above the bathroom sink!


The EasyMount Toothbrush Holder is ideal for saving some space and to store easily your bathroom needs: toothbrushes, toothpaste, razor and even your rings or earrings.


Its revolutionary design allows to self adhere to the surface without the need of a suction cup.

It is convenient, lightweight, you can even take it with you when you travel.


How to use it?

- Clean the back side

- Add some water to it

- Dry the wanted surface

- Place it and press with your fingers

- Let some time before placing your objects.



- No suction cup

- Lightweight

- Suitable for mirrors, glass, tiles, marble, fridge...

- High quality silicone

- Safe and easy to clean

- Strong absorbing function



- Save space

- Hold your bathroom objects in one place



Organize your bathroom, order it now!