Easy Unclog Drains

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Tired of spending money on chemicals to clean your drain?

No more need for that!

The Easy Unclog will drain your sink in no time!


Its special design with 100 micro hooks will catch any clog, from your shower, bathroom etc.

Just slide and spin !

In no time, no clogs!



- 360-degree spin

- Micro hooks

- Flexible molded wand

- Wands detach from handle

- Extra long design around 63 cm

- Goes deep around curves and on hard to reach clogs



- Instantly removes clog, even the though one

- Just slide and spin the handle and take the clog out the drain

- Lighweight and easy to use

- No disassembly needed

- Strong and durable 

- No more need of chemicals cleaners


The package includes reusable handle and 2 disposable wands!


No more clogs! Free your drain!

Order yours now!