Easy Eyebrow Makeup

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Now it is easy to shape your eyebrows in a symmetrical way,

with the Easy Eyebrow Makeup tool!



Specially made for trimming and shaping,

With the Easy Eyebrow Makeup tool, you will create your brows accurate, quickly and easily and shape them like a Pro.


To use, just position the Easy Eyebrow Makeup Tool on the brows.

Using a brow powder, lightly fill in the spot, 

Use up and away strokes, line it up and do the same for the other brow.


Also a great way to define eyebrows when plucking.

Apply a little more powder than usual to darken the eyebrow and pluck hairs outside the shape.


Works with pencil, powder and cream.


Now it is your turn to try it and shape your brows like a Pro!

Get it now!